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Employer's obligation to provide pregnant employees suitable alternative work
Impala Platinum v Jonase & Others (LC) deals with alleged unfair discrimination against a mining company for not guaranteeing suitable alternative work for underground miners who fall pregnant.   [Read more]

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Disregard of a workplace rule
The LC in City of Cape Town v SALGBC & Others considered whether an employee's disregard of a known workplace rule was sufficiently serious to justify dismissal.
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When an interdict will not be granted
Nyambi & Others v H C Shaik Investment & Another (LC) highlights the grounds under which the court would not be prepared to grant an interdict.
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Misrepresenting qualifications not required for the job
The LC in LTE Consulting v CCMA & Others considered the seriousness of an employee misrepresenting qualifications that were not strictly required for his post.
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